Happy 4th of July

This weekend we are headed to a 4th of July parade. There will be no fireworks in our area... it's a budget thing. This is the second year that the surrounding cities canceled the fireworks shows. It's just fine with me because I really don't feel like being out so late with all three kids, two of which wouldn't even enjoy fireworks. We did buy some tame stuff for the driveway. 

Luca did insist on sewing herself a 4th of July apron to wear to the parade. I know, go figure. An apron? It's exciting that she wants to learn to sew. The only problem is that I am not a patient teacher. I can't remember much about learning to sew. I just remember always knowing how to sew. I'm wondering if my mom had more patience with me during the learning process. I've asked her about it but she can't remember shit that far back so I'm left to imagine that she did a pretty good job since everything I know about sewing I learned from her. 
 Yes that's my sewing table. Poor Luca has her sewing machine buried under a mountain of garbage downstairs. Not that my sewing area is much better. Do you see that wall of crap threatening to cave in on her?


jaya pratheesh said...

stumbled upon your blog ftom some linky post. LOVE your sewing projects, really liked your blog style. just saying hi.

figgys said...

what a gorgeous picture that your daughter will love to see when she grows up. This photo will help you remember "shit" . LOL

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