Handmade Beginnings Baby-in-the-Hood Jacket

I finally made a project from Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner. I've been wanting to make the Baby-in-the-Hood jacket for quite a while. I love the jacket, but hate how poorly my sewmanship is. I made this jacket for a gift but I really don't like the way I made it. Sometimes that happens when I sew something new for the first time. I never used to understand wasting spending time on a muslin but I'm starting to get it. It'll be much better for my next go around now that I have the gist of it. The pattern is actually written with clear instructions and I had no problem other than on the next one I will cut the lining a teensy bit smaller than the shell for a better fit and the button loops I will make longer and top stitch them down to accommodate the right size button. I have one cut out for Vinny in a size 18 months. A cute summer jacket. Around here we need jackets year round. We have quite the "layering" climate.
I made this jacket in a size 9 months for a baby that just turned 3 months old so I was thinking ahead. It really doesn't matter now because I don't think I'll give it to her (I didn't even put buttons on it). Now I need to get another cute fabric combination to make another for her. I have some time because I don't get to see her until the end of August. 

The jacket shell is made from a Midwest Modern print by Amy Butler and lined with a pink print flannel. For the stripe fabric I cut into a pair of hand-me-down shorts my neighbor gave to Luca. The fabric was too cute and the shorts were a size 8 and wouldn't fit Luca for quite a while so they made it into my "pile". 

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