Three Buttonhole Nap

Sewing with a baby is damn near impossible! This mornings nap was unusually short. Argh.

To make matters worse this cute stretch denim was misbehaving and the buttonholes turned out quite wonky. Since it's going on a 12 month old I don't really care. What I do care about it that this simple project is taking me like a week to finish. Oh the shame!

I did manage to make a better late than never baby gift. It's another Baby in the Hood Jacket for a 6 month old. I just need to sew on the buttons and it's ready to go. I intended to make a pair of matching booties, but I made one shoe from this cute PDF pattern from Etsy and it turned out so ugly that she'll just be getting the jacket.

I'll show you the jacket and the shoe tomorrow.

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