Peasant Top

Ahhhh, sewing, sewing, sewing. This pretty little top that should have taken me about an hour to finish actually took me three days. Oh the joys of motherhood. I don't mean to sound bitter but where the fruit do all you crafty blogging mama's find the time to get to do all the sewing, tutorials, cooking, baking, playing with your kids, smiling at the mailman, etc...? I assume some of the big bloggers out there don't bother with silly things like sleep. I think that's where my approach is all wrong. I hold too high of a value on the measly 5 hours per night that I am allotted by Prince Vincenzo.

So back to the peasant top. This Kokka fabric is a double gauze which when I ordered it (here) I thought it would be just like the Heather Ross FFA double gauze (like here). It is so much softer. I am loving this fabric long time. I am also having a serious back and forth debate over whether I should spend the money on enough yardage to make this exact top in my size. I realize it may look a little maternity in an adult size but it is so cute I don't really care. I cannot say enough about the cuteness of this fabric. It was pretty easy to sew with (at least in this basic design), but I seriously would scream if I had to use the seam ripper on this fabric. With closely matching thread I don't think so. 

Enjoy my latest. I'm not sure when I'll get to some more sewing. I had all the intentions of participating in the Jump Rope Dress Sew Along (have had this pattern for over 6 months) and the Little Cap Sew Along (I mean it probably takes 30 minutes to make this). Not to mention I bought Rae's Big Butt Pants the day after it came out and haven't even printed out the pattern. 

Oh and thanks for the buzz about my upcoming tutorial. It is for babies and it's gender neutral. Don't worry if you don't have a baby yet or anymore. Oh that sounded bad. I mean if you don't plan on having a baby or your children are a bit older. This is a fantastic baby gift. In fact I'm doing this tute because two of my best girlies are expecting in January and I can't wait to give each of them one of these.


Karin van D. said...

I can imagine you love this fabric, it's very cute and looks so comfortable. The top is great, she looks lovely in it!

By the way, about having time to sew: I so know how you feel. I guess we should just stop eating. Or cooking. Or cleaning. Hey, that last one sounds not so bad at all, and actually quite do-able!

Emily said...

AMEN to not knowing where people find time to do all the sewing and the cooking and blogging and photo-taking and the picture editing and OH YEAH the parenting and the marriage and the sleep.


elise said...

this top is seriously adorable. i'd wear it!

yes, i have to sew when the kids are in bed and my house frequently looks like crap.
i think the big bloggers have secret live in maids/nannys. (or at least that's what i tell myself)

oversewn said...

Something always has to go by the wayside for sewing, so the house is always messy! Seriously though, I see sewing as not paying for therapy or gifts, therefore it is really a money saving thing - not a time consuming, house-ignoring, kids-are-almost-neglected type thing. Anybody else?

Kimberly said...

It looks fantastic! I love the print (and the poses). I have the crafting/sewing bug big time and spend virtually every moment embroidering or looking at blogs or whatever. My current bedtime is 1am...and my babe still nurses like crazy and wakes up at 6am. My house continues to be a wreck and I can't seem to finish ANYTHING. So how the bigger blogs are able to produce, like multiples every week, and blog like mad, is beyond me.

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