The Spirit of America

We enjoyed a lot of silly rides, bad food (so bad it was good), and manure. I know most people go to the fair to enjoy the first two items on my list, but we really like to go and visit all the animals that are entered in the county fair. Our neighbors are 6th generation ranchers and their children had some sheep and pigs entered this year. I personally enjoy looking at all the chickens since we are chicken owners. 

This year there were three pregnant dairy cows and one was just days, maybe hours away from giving birth.  There was a small group of ladies standing by her rear end pondering the arrival of the baby. I should have taken a photo because a cows ass is actually pretty interesting at that stage. 

Since I am getting quite graphic in this post I may as well tell you this next little tidbit. We encountered a lot of friendly FFA kids (Future Farmers of America) and young 4Her's, but none so nice as the grandpa of one of them. Upon seeing our blind son he asked if Rocco wanted to get closer and pet a cow. I always love when people think about Rocco's experience and how to make it better. Our world is so visual and we experience things so differently than he does. This kind gentleman took us to a cow that was six months pregnant and he let Rocco pet her nose and feel her fur. Then out of nowhere he takes Rocco's hand and pulls it toward her udder. No problem until he describes said udder. "This here is her tits." Yes you read that as correctly as I heard it. He DID NOT say teats. Then he follows with, "She has four of them. Isn't that weird?" Before he could compare his bovine beauty to Rocco's mommy we quickly thanked him and got back to the real fun... carny folk.

O.k., so I totally just pulled that one from the internet, but I did try to take a photo of a carny worker with a cupcake tattoo on her neck.


KID, MD said...

That sounds like fun!!

And hee-hee, a T&A post!

Anonymous said...

You always crack me up, but that photo (even though it wasn't yours) was hilarious!

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