Back to Normal?

My sister was visiting us for a week. I really like her visits, but she is exhausting. The kids ADORE her. It's crazy and sweet. My sister and I are polar opposites. She is the most dramatic person I have ever known. She has a hard time planting roots and staying still. She picked the perfect career (a pilot) for her wandering ways.

We did a fun photoshoot during her visit. I found this amazing abandoned building that was absolutely trashed. It's on an old army base and I believe this particular building was a mechanic shop for tanks or other large vehicles. There was smashed out windows, graffiti, broken furniture. It was almost like a movie set. We had a blast. On her next visit she's packing some interesting clothes to do another crazy photoshoot. She plans on wearing a vintage bell bottom jumpsuit with 6 inch heels. That is just so like her.

Here is a sampling of what my sister looks like on a normal day. No kidding. She really didn't get dolled up for these photos.

The top two photos I actually shot in our driveway today when we got home from Target. Yes, people stare when we go places. It's really great when we are with the kids. I'm not sure who gets more looks, my sister or Rocco. We have decided it's too close to call, but I'm pretty sure a blind eight year old takes the cake.

The bottom photo really depicts her. As a child she was obsessed with dinosaurs and after I took this photo I told her I just caught her Velociraptor look. She is very unique.

She really wore me out. needless to say I did zero sewing this past week. I hope this upcoming week I will get back to some sewing. I can only hope.


oversewn said...

Love those pics! I never get sewing done when siblings are around.

jakeychucky said...

Wow! She's a pretty gal:) The kidless aunts and uncles always seem to be the hot item when they come visit. Ha ha!

Kimberly said...

These are incredible photographs and I love the abandoned building idea. I've always wanted to do a photo shoot in a dilapidated and graffitied warehouse.

Flourishing Networks said...

cool looks - I love these photo shots!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ariel M said...

Secret is such a hottie! And you two look a like - somehow as adults you guys grew to look alike, and look like your mom. I love how people don't change.
And your photos are awesome!

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