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So the little man discovered my iPhone, or rather the iPod on my iPhone. He loves to carry it around getting his groove on. I have tons of kids music on a couple of different playlists and that is seriously another post because I am obsessed with a few children's music artists and I want to share them with you (most I'm sure you have heard of).

I'm posting this picture ensemble because the pants that he is wearing are a pair of pants I made when he was 8 months old (he's now 15 months). I guess the legs were pretty long because they still fit. They are made from a recycled cashmere sweater and they are heavenly. AND washable!

On a totally bizarre side note. Last night before dinner I had the news on t.v. and a commercial came on for "The Villages". Why do I bring this up? Luca jumped up from what she was doing and seriously ran to the t.v. blurting out "Mom, I really like this commercial!"  "The Villages" boasts award winning golfing among other exciting recreation for the over 65 set. As you can imagine I am still a little perplexed. Um, yea...hmmm. So after a brief visit to their website...

I am impressed at their 2009 Villager Medley!!! Way to keep your website up to date. Nice clown. Is that what retirees are up to these days? I purposely did not link to this site because
a). you have absolutely no interest in this website. Trust me.
b). I feel bad for any unsuspecting elderly person looking to plan their retirement only to end up at my blog.

Luca. Are. You. Alright?


Jennifer said...

My daughter loves my iphone too - so much so, that when I got the new one, she inherited the old one. I am sure she is the only 2 year old with her own iphone - or maybe not.

Kids music - there is the best Australian singer for kids - her name is Justine Clarke. My daughter loves her. We went to see her concert a couple of months ago - have a look for her on youtube or you can get an ABC for kids app from the appstore which has her songs and the wiggles songs on it.

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...

The clown cracks me up!! What?!

And cashmere pants? Can I find a XXXL cast off to make some pants for me?

Emily Elizabeth said...

My 15 month old is an iPhone fanatic as well. Do you have Peekaboo Barn & Peekaboo Wild? They're her personal favorites.

As for kids music - Elizabeth Mitchell is our favorite - can't wait to see your list!

Kimberly said...

I love children's music artists as well! I check out three CDs per week at the library and usually at least one of them is decent. But oh, finding those gems (like Elizabeth Mitchell or Charlie Hope) is so much fun! Have you ever listened to Casper Babypants? We love them as well. Cute pants!

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