Simple Upcycling Project

Remember the black cashmere sweater that I cut the sleeves off of? here are the cute lounging pants I made. There are a few drawbacks to these pants. First of all I have to tell you they are the softest, most cozy little pants a baby could ever put his little bum into. That softness doesn't work too well when you are an 8 month old on the verge of learning to crawl. He was slipping and sliding around the floor during this photoshoot which leads me to the next problem. He became a Swiffer Sweeper. It wouldn't matter much if our darn cat and dog had black fur. Can you picture it now? Luckily I took a photo of the pants before I put him in them(yes, there are already little hairs everywhere). Side note: The t-shirt was a baby gift from The Chefs former boss and let me tell you how happy he is that it finally fits the little guy. It says METALLIKID with two electric guitars. I think it's safe to say I married Metallica's number one fan. Just had to mention in case you read this babe ;)
 I didn't notice the strange placement of the pants crotch against the wood door until just now. Creepy I know, but I'm not re-taking the photo.

I made the pants using just the two sleeves and a strip from the bottom of the sweater for the waistband.  I still have enough sweater left to use in some diaper covers. This was a quick, rewarding and fun repurposing project. It took longer to put black thread on my overlock and straight stitch than it did to sew these pants. I think I'll applique something on the bum, but let's see if I ever get around to it.


KID, MD said...

Nice! His tee is too cute!

Millie said...

How clever!

dana said...

wow. Cashmere. what a lucky duck!
So soft and adorable.

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