Bedtime Story Pajamas: Oliver + S

This year at our school the children and their families are encouraged to donate gifts for children with cancer who will be spending this Christmas in a special family house that is somewhat local to our area. I love the idea of our school doing their charitable contribution to a local organization.  The reason they have picked this place is that Rocco's second grade teacher once stayed at their facility. She is very fortunate to be in remission after going through a bone marrow transplant!

I feel like we have always gotten lucky with teachers that our kids have been paired up with. Luca cried when her Kindergarten teacher retired last year. Rocco's second grade teacher is fantastic! We were hesitant in the beginning to have him placed in her class for two reasons. She had never had a special needs student and she is really young (I didn't know how young until recently. She's 26). I have nothing against all you younger teachers out there, but Rocco and his classroom needs can be challenging and we have noticed the older teachers have handled those obstacles really well. Having said that, his teacher is awesome. It's totally not necessary for his mainstream teacher to learn Braille, but she has taken it upon herself to learn some basics. She is the first teacher he's ever had that has made an effort to learn Braille. 

So what does all that have to do with the Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajamas pictured above? Among a few other gifts we donated for the kids, I decided to make a pair of pajamas to donate. Originally I had plans to make like 3 pair. I don't know what I was thinking. I seriously ran out of time. All items are due at the school on Friday and I only just completed the top last night. Hopefully after the kids are in bed tonight I can get the pants made. 

I love sewing with Oliver + S patterns but I'm not sure this is really up there on my top five list. I really shouldn't have decided to make something to give to someone having never tried the pattern. I always sew version 2,3 etc.. much better. I really wanted it to be perfect. It's not. I'm just hoping the little girl who gets these will love the print enough to look past the flaws.

I want to make these for Luca but she will never sleep in a pajama like this. I think they would be cute for lazy lounging weekends or if I get my ass in gear they would make nice Christmas morning pajamas in flannel.


Mary Kay said...

I stumbled upon your blog this morning (I always start with homemade by jill and go from there) and saw your comments about the teacher who is going above and beyond to learn Braille. Please send a note to your school district's administrators to let them know how happy you are. I work for a school and our administrators hardly ever hear the good news (that happens every day), but parents are always eager to share their perceptions of the bad. I am happy for you that your son has one of the many great teachers!!!

Danielle said...

I am hosting a Christmas Pajam-Rama on my blog and would love for you to enter:>

These PJ's are too cute!


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