A Gift

I am giddy right now because a really close friend of mine (our parents introduced us when I was 12, awww how cute), just had a baby girl. Finally a baby girl to sew for. It's been kind of boy heavy lately among my friends. What's even better is she doesn't know about my blog so I can post things that I make for her baby in real time. Did I ever mention that only three people I know besides Chef, know about my blog? Hi there friends in far away places. So back to the giddy excitement.
 I've had this Alexander Henry print for ages. I sure wish I could find some more. I don't even know the name of it. It's an Asian inspired design that can work for both girls or boys, but kind of leans toward a girl vibe. My friend is a yoga instructor and really likes the whole Zen vibe which I think this blanket embodies. 

p.s. I didn't pose Cenzo's hand on the package... clearly he is sad to see this gift leave the house. I could almost hear him say "no, it's mine", only it sounded more like baabamada.


Gail O said...

Hi, I happen to have a piece of that fabric. The selvage says: "Koto" The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection 2006. Here it is on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Koto-Blue-Asian-Dragon-Alexander-Henry-Fabric-BTY-/280584085734?pt=US_Fabric&hash=item41541d60e6. Your blankie looks very soft and cozy!

Sascha said...

Gail, Thanks so much for the info. I am totally going to order some right now!

Anonymous said...

I just found some at Joann's here in Oregon and used my 40% off coupon for a really good deal. It's one of my favorites too so I bought a ton!
They have AH fabrics every once in a while and I was so happy to find some there. I would try there first if you are near one.

Oontje said...

Hi Sasha, thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments.
I love your creations as well. I'll keep following you.

Ariel M said...

ohh, sandrine's a lucky lady! :)

Vanessa Ribeiro said...

Beautiful!!!! Love your blog, alreaady added to my blogroll and shared the link with my contacts!

Love the gift!



Erin said...

Yep, Its "Koto". My Joanns stores in Washington still carry it!

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