The best gifts are free(ish)

Merry Christmas all!

After all the gifts were unwrapped the one item all three kids loved best was something I got for free (kinda). A few weeks ago I had  to fill a prescription at CVS pharmacy and I had a coupon for a free CVS gift card valued at $25 for any new or transferred prescription. Awesome because with that $25 I picked up this color-it-yourself cardboard playhouse. All three kids are bananas for this simple gift. 

The real reason I'm posting this photo is to torture you with what is in the foreground... "It's a pillow. It's a pet. It's a pillow pet!" I just figured since I will have that damn song stuck in my head until New Years, why not have you suffer along with me.


CBMMTachick said...

My daughter saw the pillow pet commercial and ran to tell Daddy she wanted one. He told here she had enough pillows and enough pets and didn't need anymore. Her reply was, "but Daddy it's not just a pillow, and a pet, it's machine washable!"

Camille said...

We have that same house, also from CVS. It's the little things!

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