I can't believe how fast kids grow. As much as I love to sew clothes for them, it's kind of a bummer when they grow out of garments that I created and I absolutely love. 

 I made these pants in November and when I made them I had to cuff the bottoms. This morning I put them on Cenzo and cuffed them as usual and when I took him down from his changing table I couldn't believe my eyes. It's only been two months.

I know this should encourage me to sew more and more often, but honestly it kind of delflates me. 
Oh, and because I like to keep it real.. have I shown you guys the nice white scar that Cenzo is sporting on his forehead? Imagine what that looked like with a big ugly scab just in time for Christmas photos.

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Kimberly said...

He's so darling and dang! I cannot believe how much he's grown. He's like a little boy now. I'm going to be thoroughly bummed out when it's time to retire what I've made.

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