Houston we have a problem

Our indoor cat (click on link to read about her previous antics) is now an outdoor cat. We adopted her November of 2009 and since we live in the country we were too scared to ever let her outside. The neighborhood is filled with coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions. 

Photo Caption "These stinkin' things don't seem to get the game. I caught you, now you're supposed to try to get away. ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?"

Turns out just as we were too scared to let her out, the bird population was all too glad to see her kept in. She brings 4-5 birds to the door every week. I'm no bird expert but I've noticed a trend. About 75% of the birds she catches are the same species. I'm not exactly sure of the exact scientific name, but Genus: Stupid As Shit, Species: Can't Seem to Fly Away From Fat Lazy Cat works fine for me.


meg said...

I had an outdoor cat once and it brought me a dead crow--a fucking crow! After that I was scared of him. I put a bell on the cat so I (and the birds) could hear him coming.

Sascha said...

Meg, yesterday she was outside and our neighbors chicken came over for a visit. She ran away so fast I thought a dog was chasing her! I'm thinking a crow is beyond her dreams.

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