My sister came for another visit this past weekend. The kids were so looking forward to her visit. They just adore her. Of course since she always brings gifts that sweetens the deal. She came prepared for another photoshoot. I have to say I love taking her picture. It is one arena where we do absolutely no bickering. We get into a zone. So now I will indulge in some seriously fierce sister love.

The last time we did a photoshoot we found a great abandoned building that we had intended to re-visit.
 Unfortunately the buildings are now all padlocked and each structure has a chain link fence surrounding them. Some even have barbed wire.

So we had to drive around the closed down Army base looking for buildings we could enter without totally breaking and entering.

We hit the jackpot by technically not coming across any "no trespassing" signs and by walking through a busted out door to enter the building complex. I cannot believe the amazing areas we found to take photos.

The Army base closed down at least 20 years ago so there have been quite a few years for the surrounding scenery to "age". There is no place left untouched by vandals.

Most of the graffiti is pretty vulgar which of course my sister loves so we took plenty of photos featuring the art. I will refrain from showing them here.

What I couldn't believe is how great the lighting was in most of these buildings. I seriously took these photos with my Canon Rebel xsi. No lighting other than nature.

Although I did a lot of photo editing on many of the frames, the above photo is an example of straight from the camera. There were dozens of fabulous photos that really didn't need any work. I took 611 frames and we kept 209 of them.

Here is another straight from the camera. When I say some amazing stuff took place I cannot even  speak in words, so I'm showing you my weekend in photos. Thanks for indulging me by reading this post till the end.

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