OTTOBRE - Sparrow (4/2009)

After seeing this amazing set of jackets followed by this amazing set of jackets, I thought to myself "I can give that a try". After reading the basic instructions provided by Ottobre (issue 4/2009, Style Sparrow) I quickly revised that to "Oh crap". I really, really want to be able to make this jacket even if it looks only half as great as the beautiful creations from Millie

Sorry for the extremely vague photos. I could not get this great navy wool to photograph well. I thought I could get a photo of Cenzo wearing the coat, but a) it's too big on him and b) he was being an ass.

So as I started sewing I was pretty intimidated but I already knew that I was not going to line the jacket or use binding so basically it is a raglan sleeve coat with a hood. Not much to it. Since I was using felted wool I didn't even finish my seams or hemlines. With those modifications it's definitely a coat that a beginner sewist could achieve. I'm starting to think I'm on to something here. There are lot's of patterns that people are intimidated by, but sometimes if you take it down to it's simple form it actually becomes quite and easy project.  

Having said that I still would like to make a lined version as the pattern was intended. My "to do" list keeps growing. I've still got piles of projects from 2010. I think I need to compile a list and start checking things off. Maybe that will motivate me to start weeding through the ever growing list.

After writing that I couldn't get a photo of him wearing the coat, Chef said let me give it a try. He actually got Cenzo to keep a hood on his head for longer than 5 seconds.

I can't remember what size I cut out but it may be a 92?!? I'm so bad with centimeter sizing. Us Americans get so used to the crazy notion that a size should match the age. It's clearly too big. If I revisit this coat in the next couple of months I will size it down.


meg said...

it's not that big. It is super cute though!

chelsea said...
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janimal said...

It's totally cute! Great idea to use felted wool. I gotta get my hands on some of that.

debra lynn said...

Hi! Just found your blog from Train to Crazy. You have lots of inspirational stuff and I love how honest you are, "he was being an ass" that is great, not for you, but we've all been there. :) Been checking everything out and if you still need help with your wedding photo and photoshopping it, let me know! I've had lots of practice with two kids in our little backyard setups and taking one smiling kid head and putting it over the one where she was sticking her tongue out. They can be difficult! (it helps that I have a graphic design degree)

Millie said...

I love your pared down version!
My girls absolutely love their coats..I made them two last year as well. They seem to be just the right fit on them and just right for our climate.
I see very few of these coats made and often wonder why more people don't make them.
I cannot photograph my two little ones together anymore because there is always one moving!
Thanks for the mention!

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