Pixie Hat Revisited

So my late night sewing foray led to some wasted material. Argh. Since I was using some really nice organic cotton interlock (more on this fabulous fabric next week), I needed to find something to make...

So remember that pretty little cashmere pixie hat I made a while back? The one that fit like crap? Well it's been on my mind to make one that fits. Recently Sew Liberated generously offered up an adorable Snow Pixie Hat pattern (for free!) yay. I made one in a size 0-6 months but it seems very small. Since two of my friends just had babies in January I'm going to send them a hat to try for size. Kind of a gift but not, because, surprise! It may not fit.

And surprise again! Your baby has the head of a balloon. Since my balloon wouldn't stay propped-up I had to place her in a pot. A charming Chinese ginger pot.

So here is the hat off the balloon. I used a cheapo fleece from JoAnn's and a lovely solid weight cream interlock that sews like a dream and I will be gushing more about the fabric next week so stay tuned. 

I think I need to tinker with the fit a little because my balloon baby was tiny. But babies are tiny so maybe it fits. The whole neck closure thingy I tried doesn't really work (and is not a part of the pattern). I love the pom pom but I think it needs another one on the other side. In person it had a quirky charm that is not quite conveyed in the photos.

By the way, when was the last time you made a pom pom? For me it was grade school. My BFF (Who just had a baby that will be getting one of these maybe-not-fitting hats in a boy color), and I made pom poms and sold them to classmates for like I dunno 10 cents each? We sold so many we had like $3.00! Really I can't remember much other than the school officials found out and put the kibosh on that entrepreneurial adventure right quick. Where was I? Oh, so the art of pom pom making has evolved as I soon found out via You Tube. The techniques have advanced but I just went to the old fashioned method. Wrap around a piece of cardboard. Pull off. Tie through center. Cut loops. Fluff. Trim to size. Done.


Kimberly said...

This post is freaking me out. First of all, I revisited the Snow Pixie Hat pattern LAST NIGHT and began contemplating the fabric to use. And last month I became crazy-person obsessed with making pom-poms after seeing the pom-pom garland on Elsie Marley. I must have made 200. And recently, like maybe even this week, Prudent Baby had a pom-pom making tutorial (using the cardboard method, I just wrapped around my fingers). Can't wait to hear about the fabric. I begin my adventures in knits very.soon.

Claireabell said...

I love everything about this post - brought a smile to my face! Hopefully it'll fit. From where I sit, 10000kms away through cyberspace, it looks newbornish.

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