Sewing After Dark: Fail

Dear Sewing Goddess,

           Is it really too much to ask to make a project with no mistakes? Just one or two little things. I'm not asking for perfection all the time. For example when I stitch a pocket closed and I have to break out the seam ripper is it too much to ask that I don't follow up by sewing the other pocket closed? Come on, throw me a bone every once in a while. Granted, I am up way too late to be sewing, but is there the need to continually punish me? Have I offended you in some way? Wait, don't answer that. I realize I tend to scoff at traditional techniques and often ignore basic sewing rules. I also get lazy and cut corners and hide the evidence from all my readers with my fancy photography skilz. 
          So I'm writing this to appeal to your kinder side. I promise to make good by spending even more time, energy, and of course money on future sewing projects. 

Thank you in advance,
Sewing Drone

{I wasn't giving this garment the attention it needed while sewing - and reading instructions -  and stitched all the way down the placket when all I was supposed to do is sew 3/4 of the way down. Instead of catching my mistake while I could still use the seam ripper I went ahead and added insult to injury by cutting the fabric along the stitchline. No Bueno! Now I need to cut a whole nutha front panel and placket piece}


Deb said...

Oh gosh, been there, done that! Wost thing I did was stay up late to finish a Feliz dress for my daughter and for some reason I'd forgotten to draw the "fold" line on the pattern for the side pieces. So instead of cutting on the fold, I cut two side panels out of super expensive Bizz Kids seersucker at HALF width. Then went on to assemble the ENTIRE DRESS without noticing the mistake, until the bitter end when I had to sew the channels for the side sash (you sew over to underdress, sash in between so it "cinches") Not only did the over and under-dresses not match (the overdress was done correctly so it was half a width larger on either side), all the ruffles were attached to the bustle and the bottom hem. We're talking about a $50 dress at least in materials alone.

I had to disassemble the ENTIRE THING (took two evenings in front of the TV) order more fabric and rebuild it. Thankfully it came out awesome, but yeah, I soooo know how you feel. :( The good news is, it will all be forgotten when you redo it and it's perfect and looks great. ;)

Camille said...

Hmmm, yesterday I apparently forgot what "basting" means and sewed three seams with tiny little stitches, making sure to backstitch at start and stop too. That's gonna be fun to take out.

patterns by figgys said...

I'm sorry I had to giggle a little.
I have many garments sitting in a UFO box that may possibly never see the light of day again. I have no time for error, I'm a mother!

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