The Blame Game

I blame you fellow bloggers for this mess.

 You see... if I had not been sitting here at the dining table with my laptop, immersed in the backlog of blog posts filling up my Reader, I may have been paying more attention to the rascal who found the container of raisins. I have 542 unread blog posts! We are fast approaching a state of emergency!! One of those posts could be yours!!! 

Oh the horror. To top it off, he now thinks the broom is his new toy. Note to self: purchase kid sized broom a.s.a.p. This could work out to my benefit after all.

p.s. Cute pants huh? I still have like three piles of coordinating fabric ready to be cut and sewn into these pants, but time, where does the time go? Oh yeah, time spent reading all your blogs.


tinsenpup said...

My reader's given up counting. It's now permanently set on 1000+. I've pretty much given up hope of keeping up.

I've been lurking creepily about the place, enjoying your blog for a while now. So, thank you! It's always a good read.

Oh and sorry about the raisins.

debra lynn said...

Ha ha! My kids love to dry swiffer. When you buy it you put it together, and I just put less bars in to make it shorter, it's perfect for them. If you can crotchet, you can make a reusable cover for it, so you aren't buying those throw away ones all the time, or if you're lucky you'll have a sister to make you one like me. Good luck! Oh, and I LOVE my steam mop.

nancy said...

sometimes the mess is worth it for a little adult time( I have four kids and work at home...friends ask me how I do it and i just tell them b/c my home looks like a crack house half the time..or more.).I'm new to your blog..but you have captivated me so far!
ps:sorry to say but people who try and tell you once you wean your baby they will sleep through the night are delusional.

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