Oliver + S Nature Walk Pants

So I made another pair of the Oliver + S Nature walk knit pants. This time I went a little wider and added a flare at the bottom. Oh, and I also lowered the rise about 1" in the front and 1/2" in the back because Luca is freaky about having waistbands that come anywhere near her belly button. Did I mention that last time? Oh, and I added a side seam in order to make the wider leg. I was going for gaucho pant. Not there yet but I hear three times a charm.

This pant is ridiculously fast to make. I mean if you don't accidentally sew the wrong legs together like I did. Twice.

On the hemline I made them a little short (she likes them this way) and I used contrast stitching. Orange! Do you want to know something? I'm in the middle of sewing something with orange and I was too lazy to change the thread on my serger. So there.

I inserted some Farbenmix ribbon into the side seam. I was feeling the German vibe today so I thought I'd add a little spice. I have some Farbenmix patterns I'd like to try soon. If I ever get around to tracing them.


Millie said...

I love these, and I keep thinking of the stripey ones you made. The ribbon is great too. I have collected lots of Farbenmix ribbons, but usually forget to put a bit in before I sew the seam!
I bought this pattern, after seeing your trousers and a couple of tops on Flickr and have made two tops...I can't tell you how much my kids love them!
I will try the trousers very soon. Thanks for the inspiratiion.

oversewn said...

FINALLY - I have finished a few of these.....for both boy and girl. Hubs said they are girlie pants.....I think they are perfect pj pants for the boy.
Have you made any for your boys? Or are they just girlie? ( I hate letting hubs be right!)

seemownay said...

These are perfect! And the orange seam just make them funky.

madebymum said...

these are just fab so hip and modern.

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