Reversible Zippy Hoodie : Kitschy Coo Kids

Oh my holy hell this jacket kicked my ass. I chose the fabulous Echino Cars fabric for the outer and a cream waffle knit for the lining. The lining was my mistake. It was wriggly and jiggly and it walked like it was some kind of high and mighty velvet. In other words it was a total bitch. I had intended to use the same interlock as I used for this shirt, but it was mysteriously in hiding. 

But here it is and I LOVE IT SO FREAKIN ' MUCH!

Oh, there are problems a plenty with this bad boy, but I'm forgiving. The zipper is not stitched in too well, the front doesn't match up (luckily I was smart enough not to use pockets), the inside knit stretched and bagged out so there are puckers, the snazzy little size 2 tag that I made is sewn in crooked, and honestly the list goes on, but oh I LOVE this jacket.

When I first bought the pattern I read the instructions once before I even cut out the pattern pieces. I was totally lost. Even though Amanda said to have faith, I was a doubter. So I emailed Katie from Kadiddlehopper, who has made a few of these and was a pattern tester and is a totally amazing seamstress, to ask her if it really would come together by following the pattern instructions. She assured me to just follow the instructions. Well, on Friday night I had a few hours to get started and on Saturday a few more. Tonight I did the finishing touches. Voila! It worked. 

A piece of advice to you all wanting to try this pattern. Do not mix a knit with a woven unless you are very comfortable sewing with knits. If you want to line it with a knit use an interlock that behaves most like a woven. Also, it will come together. Just follow the instructions. Oh and maybe for your first try, omit the pockets. I personally like the look without so I'm probably not going to make it with them in the future. I do want to make a bomber jacket using this pattern and omitting the hood. Maybe the next version. 

By the way the pattern comes in two size ranges for purchase. I bought the 18m - 4y and I am so totally buying the next tier of 5-8y. I really like it that much. 

Echino Cars from Esty (not available right now)
Lining cream waffle weave knit 100% cotton from stash


Emily said...

I had the exact same experience with that pattern. Reading the instructions was sort of a "wtf" experience, but it absolutely does come together!

I used that same fabric for the outer as well. Fantastic boy fabric!

I have the larger size and have found it relatively easy to adjust the pattern for my VERY tall 8 year old, who wears mostly 12s for length.

And I couldn't agree more with the whole "don't pair the knit with the woven thing".

Longest comment ever.

Emily said...

Oh and p.s. the pockets on mine are all sorts of wonky, and Amanda was very sweet about trying to give me instructions to sew them less wonky next time, but I am 2000% certain I will leave them off in the future. OR, conversely, I've noticed most of Riley's hoodies have a small piece of the main fabric sewn on either side of the zip in the ribbing at the bottom. I think this must be to keep the ribbing from stretching oddly and making pockets wonky, so I might try that next time. But leaving them off is definitely an easier solution.

It really is a fantastic pattern. Riley wore his DAILY as a jacket until it got too small.

I'm done talking now. Promise. :)

Clover said...

So wish I had some of that fabric!

Cirque Du Bebe said...

Drewling over my keyboard here! Gorgeous, and nice photos too...

becced said...

I can always see the mistakes and bad spots on my projects. But then I found out two things:
1) most other people don't notice a thing
2) stuff you buy from a store has mistakes too
So I don't worry as much as I used too as long as the end results looks okay. In your case I think it looks fantastic!

Kristin / lilla t said...

Hi! This one is gorgeous! I absolutley love this fabric.
A tip for lining wovens with knits: make the seam allowance narrower on the lining. This will make the lining slightly smaller than the exterior and fit in nicely without puckers.

Kim @ craftyNHmom said...

I love it --- That's the coolest jacket ever! Any boy would love to wear that. Great job, it looks perfect to me.

KID, MD said...

It looks awesome!!! The fabric is crazy cute, and I bet the knit lining is cozy. I used fleece for both of mine, which is pretty stable and didn't put up too much of a fight.

Carolyn said...

That hoodie is ridiculously cute!! It looks amazing and I love the fabric that you used!

small + friendly said...

I have major sewing skill and fabric envy right now! This is soooo cool.

Kitschy Coo said...

I'm so sorry that you had so much bother! It really is a PITA to line a knit with a woven, and a waffle knit must have been the absolute pits! You did a great job though, and your next one will fly together :) This one is great though, love it.

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