A weekend of firsts

First of all we paid a shit ton of money for gas over the weekend.

Over the weekend we went skiing with the kids. Lot's of fun for the family except the baby is one season away from learning to ski. So I became the nanny while everyone else enjoyed the slopes.

There is a great organization called Discovery Blind Sports that trains guides to accompany blind skiers of all ages and abilities. I can't say enough about what a great program this is. What stands out the most is that the guides are all volunteer and do this on their time off. 

We have had a few different guides (all fantastic) but we love Jeff and always request him if he is available. He's super patient and easy going. 

I wish I had a semi decent photo of another first. Rocco was able to graduate into Horse and Buggy style skiing with his guide. In the photo (top left) he is skiing side by side which is the way he's been doing it since day he first started skiing. On his second day skiing this weekend he was able to switch so that the guide is up front (horse) and Rocco is in back (buggy), using the black and orange striped poles. This technique prepares Rocco for independent skiing in the future.

Did you just say INDEPENDENT? But he's blind! I know, I know... that sounds mighty dangerous. It's really pretty cool and it just so happened there was a 10 year old blind independent skier there this weekend and we were able to witness it with our own eyes  (Har har. Had to throw in the sight joke). Her guide skis behind her and calls out directions. She was amazing to watch.

Chef and I are snowboarders but that has all come to a halt. You see, blind snowboarding, not so cool. But blind skiing is totally where it's at. We started Rocco on skis when he was 6 and now it was high time Chef dumped the board and got on some planks. So Chef decided that this year he would commit to crossing to the dark side.

Luca is a natural and it was great fun for her to "teach" daddy to ski. They maintained the bunny slopes for most of the weekend. 

{My sister is also a die hard snowboarder and I had to text her a demeaning picture of Chef wearing skis. She texted back that he's a traitor}

Cenzo's first snow! Believe me when I say I was more excited than he was. He was more irritated that he wasn't allowed to go skiing. And more irritated about snow in general. Snow required the use of a hat at times. And dreadful mittens. This did not go over well. Especially on Sunday when it snowed the entire day. 

I saved the best first for last. My baby fell asleep in my arms. A total first (excluding boring infancy). I was able to get a hat on him (a first of sorts), and walk around the bottom of the ski runs cheering on my two little skiers.

Oh, and because I can't leave you all serious and weepy over my mommy and me photo, I've got to tell you there is nothing more entertaining than watching sighted people watch blind people. They totally stare. Duh. they can get away with it. And it just so happened a girl accidentally ran into Rocco near the bottom of a run and knocked him over (no harm done). You should have seen her expression when she read his orange bib. Priceless.


Clover said...

we just went to the snow too. I am the only one who knows how to ski so I got to go for a few hrs. My 18 month old liked the snow but got totally frustrated too with all the clothes, mittens, hats. Oh and woke up like 4-5 times each night. Gotta love travelling with an 18 month old. How old are your kids when you first put them on skii's?

Sascha said...

Oh the nights were the worst. He literally woke up every nanosecond with fear of total and complete abandonment. I was exhausted because lord knows you need to quiet the baby before all the other hotel guests can hear him.

Luca started skiing at 4, but we were lazy to get them started. I met a couple this weekend who have 5 and 6 year olds that started when they could walk and now they ski every chair on that mountain! Holy smokes.

Carolyn said...

OMG, what an accurate description of your son on the side of your blog... he is a total badass!

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