Sneak Peek

My dad came over today to help me with my "Celebrate the Boy" project. He totally doesn't get blogging and he was pretty confused with the picture taking for the tutorial I'm working on.

Here's a sneak peek at the project I'll be sharing with you 

Oh, and the giraffe shirt is adorable and still waiting for it's matching pants that I have cut out and ready to sew


Kimberly said...

Fort! Toy Bin! Toddler Bed! ;) Can't wait to see what those 2x4s turn out to be.

Sascha said...

Wow, I should have posted sneak peeks earlier. You came up with some awesome guesses.

Emily said...

Holy moly that looks like it might involve power tools. Can't wait to see it!

My Celebrate the Boy tute is eating me alive because my attorney husband decided two days ago that my project I had been working on for MONTHS was unbloggable because of trademark issues. Silly laws.

Anyway, had to switch gears. BLAH.

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