We're back... so what?

 So did anyone miss me? No I didn't think so. It's o.k. I'm secure that way. Kind of. For those of you new here, the famdamily went out on a road trip to San Diego. Mainly to visit Legoland.  

As you may recall I made some Lego pants for the littlest one. He wore them. Proof as seen above. Yes, EVERYONE thought they were adorable on our daughter! That's o.k. I'm secure that way too.

 {my kids in the brig: USS Midway}

 As you can see I took some real quality photos on our trip. This pretty much sums up about 99.9% of what came out of my camera.

 Oh yeah baby, I did not bother much with appearances on our trip. I thought San Diego needed to see how little I care for brushing my child's hair. I should have had him wear the bow tie. All cute up front and party in the back. {He did wear the bow tie to dinner one night and people just about died from the cuteness. I highly recommend making these for your little boy. Luca got so jealous that she asked me to make her a tie}.

We bought tons of junk at our many stops. These vintage style aviator goggles were a hit with both boys. Currently all three kids are going to be pilots for Halloween.

Everyone behaved well (mostly)
I'm back and itching to get some sewing done.


Carolyn said...

I missed you! So glad to hear you had a great trip!

elise said...

looks like you had fun!
vinny is definitely all boy in that sweet little face. ppl always though our son was a girl when he had his long toddler hair. whatev!

Inder-ific said...

He is cute as can be! (Everyone thinks Joe is a girl too. I say it's because he's just so pretty, you know? Doesn't bother me. Sometimes I don't even bother to correct people. Is that crazy?)

Kimberly said...

Hilarious. Glad you had a good trip!

Emily said...

I missed you! I've been hoping you guys were having a blast on your trip. :)

small + friendly said...

I missed you! Great pics, you've got me itching to take a family vacation.

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