Shirt is "Happy Animals" from Ottobre 3/2011
Pants are a PDF patterb from Dans la lune  called Monkey Pants
Fabric from Fabric Fairy.The Guitar fabric is by Kumquat and there is a little orange dot that ties it together with the orange stripe.
I Finished the shirt last night and the pants today at naptime. I made the pants in a size 2 and he's 21 months old, so probably a little big. The shirt I made in a size 98 (lord knows what that translates to). When Cenzo woke up I quickly raced to try them on...

The shirt is a little long, but it's a keeper. The pants I need to work on a bit. I have him wearing a disposable diaper and these are definitely going to be better with cloth, so all you cloth diapering mamas rejoice! No alterations needed. That's a first. I have been putting him in disposables when I bring him to day care at my gym so off the rack clothing have been fitting him. I must say I love how cute he looks in jeans. I digress.

The fit of the back circle panel is a little off so I'll have to see what I can adjust for the next pair. Also, the fabric choice although adorable, reads pajama. At least the pants look very pajama. Since we rarely have short sleeve p.j. nights here, I'll make a long sleeve top in the same guitar fabric so these will become Summer p.j's. The orange stripe with blue rib knit trim will look great with denim. I'm clearly a fan of orange and blue as seen here.

I have to say I bought this pattern the nanosecond I saw this post


Anonymous said...

The first thing I thought when I saw that pattern was "surely perfect for cloth nappies". Can't wait for number two boy to grow into cloth nappies (he's still so skinny!) so I have an excuse to make some. Love the colour combo you chose!

small + friendly said...

Very cute! The shirts you make always make me wish I knew more about knits, and had a serger. I feel you on the cuteness of boys this age in jeans - my favorite! We use flip cloth diapers, they a low profile enough for skinny jeans.

Levi's Mommy said...

Size chart:
Infants/Toddlers sizes:
56cm = Newborn
62cm = 3 mos.
68cm = 6 mos.
74cm = 12 mos.
80cm = 18 mos.
86cm = 24 mos./2T
92cm = 3T
98cm = 4T
104cm = 5
110cm = 6
116cm = 6x

This chart refers to ages, not sizes.
Newborn > 50 cm
3 months >60 cm,
6 months > 68 cm,
9 months > 74 cm
1 year >80 cm
1 1/2 yrs > 86 cm
2 yrs > 90 cm
3 yrs > 92-98 cm
4 yrs > 98-104 cm
5 yrs > 104-110 cm
6 yrs > 110-116 cm
7 yrs > 116-122 cm
8 yrs > 122-128 cm
9 yrs > 128-134 cm
10 yrs > 134-140 cm etc.

Does that help? The Ottobre English group on yahoo has more charts too.

Kourtney said...

Wow girlfriend... you have been busy and very productive! I love the shirt, I will have to give it a try. It is so hard to find plain t-shirts for my 20 month old.

Sascha said...

Levi's Mommy... can I kiss you or is that too weird? I am going to print this out right now.

Carolyn said...

What an adorable outfit! You have such a talent for pairing the most adorable fabrics together! He looks so freaking cute in his new clothes!

Camille said...

I have that leggings pattern too! I have to say they have never fit my daughter very well - I think I've made three pairs and none were really "keepers."

Kimberly said...

I literally gasped out loud when I saw this: GOL! Adorable. I really need to have more patience with Fabric Fairie, because dang is that guitar print cute. I would totally rock (heh) those in the daytime.

Kimberly said...

Seriously I want to hug you right now - Kumquat is an awesome, awesome (and kind of bizarre) source. I want every single fabric, which is awesome, because a bit of each would actually be doable.

Anonymous said...

I love the fabrics, too sweet. Especially that orange stripey one, love it!

Kim @ craftyNHmom said...

That is seriously adorable. It looks so cozy too. Great job! I love the guitar fabric, I was tempted to get some from FF.com awhile back but was trying to stick to my sewing budget. I love how you paired it with the orange stripe - perfect!

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