Growing Up

My baby is growing up

Last weekend when we were in Target I decided to show Vinny a potty. 
He sat on it in the aisle and said "pee pee" "poo poo". 

Of course I bought the potty (and some Pull-ups).

I have no fantasies about this being easy. 
It never is and I do not want to hear about how your 19 month old potty trained in 5 days because I totally already heard that one in the checkout line at Target.


Inder-ific said...

You won't hear anything like that from me. My 26 month old loves to sit on the potty ... then he gets bored, stands ups, and pees on the floor! And then looks down, completely baffled, like "what happened?" So.

Yeah. But CUTE, right? Very cute.

KID, MD said...

Cenzo is adorable!!

So, I have no wonder story either. I was thrilled today when my almost 5 year old went poo in the potty without me reminding him. It's an uphill battle. Good luck.

Kathya said...

i thought it was quite normal for a 18 months old to be potty trained or a 22 months sleeping with no pull up through the night,(Thanks to my first born i had it easy) now Lulu -my second little one- i am learning what it is to have almost 21 month old who has no interest in the potty. looking forward to the day where i don't have to change her poo poo diapers.
wishing you luck. i hope it is easier than what you are thinking. ^_^

Emily said...

1. That picture is hilarious.
2. Quinn is fully capable of going in the potty, but prefers to poop basically EVERYWHERE EXCEPT the potty. For fun.

Good luck, mama!

Carolyn said...

O is over two and when she obviously (if you get my drift) has poo in her diaper she denies it, runs away and refuses to be changed. I don't think this bodes well for our big plan to potty train her this summer.
By the way, that picture is ADORABLE!

greatjencreations said...

Hope it goes better for you than it's going for us. I'll just say this -- everybody had to leave the pool, swimming lessons ended early, the teacher had to get a net, then there was something about shocking and backwashing, and I left completely embarrassed while little dude laughed all the way home. We're not model potty trainers over here.

Anonymous said...

Haha! One of the teens at our church once told one of the moms "Hmm... you should be able to easily potty train your 2 year old. My mom potty trained all of us at 9 months." Yup.

Jenny said...

You got the BEST potty for boys. I tried several cheaper potties for my son before splurging on this kind. The others do NOT contain the pee, and boys can seriously pee a long way. If anyone's potty shopping for a boy, buy the Bjorn or regret it!

P.S. You've inspired me. My younger son is 21 months, and I've been saying I will train him upon his second birthday in September. I'm going to push that up to . . . soon.

Sascha said...


I am laughing a bit right now because when I say we put a potty down in the aisle at Target I mean we actually tried to put a few cheaper versions on the floor and quickly realized that they are made for about a 12 month old in size. No way they would contain boy pee pee. The pee shield was way too low and the seat too narrow. When he sat on this one I knew it was the best fit. I put it in the cart with all of our other junk. When we got to the check out my husband had a heart attack. He was like can't we get that $9.00 potty we saw? He was only half pleading. He realized that the Bjorn was the only one that remotely looked like it was made for a child in the potty training size range. I had put it in the cart so fast and moved on that he did not see how much it cost.

Jess said...

This photo is adorable!
When my daughter was 18 months old she was delighted to pee on the potty, (we'd try before bath time every day and it would happen most times) but the first time she pooped in there she got totally freaked out! "What is that!" she cried. And then she lost all interest in the potty until she was about 3.

vww said...

Each child is different, and takes their own time. If he is interested in the potty and knows what it is for, that is a great start!

Good luck!

small + friendly said...

We just started the same thing. It sure demands a lot of patience ... here's hoping we all come out alive!

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