Summer Sewing

I have been sewing a bit here and there. Lot's of boring things that involve repairing fallen hems, fixing snaps and attaching buttons. I did manage to make two more Maliboo Rompers. This time I matched the stripes, almost. 

This particular photoshoot little miss thang was workin' it. She gave me all the angles I needed and then some. I dread the teens with this one.

 I did make a minor alteration to the pattern

 The underarm goes a little too low for my taste so I added an inch to the pattern. Since I added an inch to the front panel underarm area I should have remembered to add an inch also to the back panel below where the back white band is. I don't remember if I did this and when it came together I did some strange sewing because when it was almost finished the front leg hemline did not match the back leg hemline so I ended up making these much shorter than the pattern calls for which turned out to be great because this length is totally much cuter on Luca. 

Phew! I need to take a breath after that sentence (study grammar much Sascha?)
The deets:

Pattern - Maliboo Romper by Lil Blue Boo
Fabric - Cotton knit with lycra I'm thinking from fabric.com but I can't remember. 


Carolyn said...

That romper is so adorable and she sure is working it!
As for mending things - I loathe it! I have a stack of clothes that need one seam sewn and I just can't bring myself to do it! And why is it that when people find out that you sew they automatically ask you to hem their pants? Um, no thank you.

They call me aggie said...

Sounds like the sewing I have been doing. Boring mending, fixing, adjusting. My sewing ADD brain is waay to hyper for those kind of things.

Cool outfit idea!

Love those knits! Just ordered a big order today from ebay. Found a very cool store with many cool knit fabrics.

sam lamb said...

perfect - what a great summer romper. i love it!

Caroline said...

SO cute! Love those colours. I've got a pile of mending that I've been ignoring for weeks now...

Anonymous said...

so sassy and cute!

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