Summer School

Sorry for the radio silence. I have been sewing. A few duds which is annoying and wastes fabric. Some keepers which I'll get around to showing you soon. 

Rocco has Summer school and it's pretty exciting this year because the county school program was able to get four visually impaired kids to go to the same class. There are a variety of other children with special needs also. Two children with cerebral palsy, and autistic boy, and another girl that has a feeding tube. The class is being held at the middle school in my neighborhood which is awesome for me. Close to home. 

{Rocco using his Braillenote}

 This past school year Rocco started working with a braillenote. What an amazing piece of technology. His is an older version right now but the newer technology is pretty amazing. They have GPS, WiFi so you can email, four USB slots... it's kind of an everything-you-can-imagine-item. He loves it.

{Janie using her fancy-schmancy Braillenote}

 We are so very lucky to have a blind 16 year old high school student that is volunteering in class this Summer as a part of her school credits. Here she is in the photo above. I visited class this past week to see what to expect for my future with Rocco. Well, she is a superstar. When she types there is almost smoke coming from her fingers they are moving so fast.

I had met Janie and her dad at the regional Braille Challenge back in February and I spoke with her dad a bit during the breaks. I had no idea that last year at the age of 15 she placed second for her age group in North America! That's totally big time. To say I am impressed puts it lightly.  She made it to the top 12 this year and yesterday she went to L.A. to compete for the title.


Carolyn said...

How wonderful to have such an inspiring kid close by to show Rocco all the things that are possible for him!
Here's to an awesome summer of summer school for him!

Casandra said...

Oh wow! I didn't know the Braillenote existed. Is it kind of the same concept as the BrailleCoach from ProxTalker? Or do you need to know Braille from the get-go to use it?


Kimberly said...

Tears shot out of my eyes when you started explaining what Braillenote is capable of. So neat.

magritte said...

Hi, i´m brazilian and don´t speak english. But I understand a little, the sufficient to read your blog and to be magic with its son. It`s a Big boy! I have 2 kids, boys. I love very so much my babys. :) Congratulations for mother especial from a boy very special. Beautyfull family! Sorry for my english... Beijos (kisses!) Kelly.

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