KCWC: Day four

Just in time for a cold rainy day...

I made a short sleeved tee and a pair of clam diggers. After the heat wave last weekend I guess a little rain was in order.

I found the koi fish image on Google images. Not sure if it's copyrighted so I'm not sharing the download, but there were a lot of neato images if you are so inclined and handy with an Xacto knife. It actually didn't take all that long to cut out the image (on freezer paper). I did it yesterday afternoon while the kids were doing homework. I used So Soft fabric paint. I've had good washing results with this paint in the past. I dabbed the paint on with a sponge brush using three shades of blue.

Fabric: Probably from fabric.com. The white is a 100% cotton sweatshirt fleece. Stripe has a lot of Lycra and possibly some polyester cotton blend.


Mel said...

how lovely! what a great way to add personality without using patterned fabric.

Erin said...

Love the freezer paper stencil. Makes we want to go and try it on something tonight.

Jenny said...

Fabulous stenciling!

AnnieK said...

What an awesome little outfit!

nähtina said...

I have to try printing with paint and freezer paper. Looks just SO awesome.


Kim @ craftyNHmom said...

I love it! Very cool effect with the different shades on that stencil. As always, I love your stuff.

small + friendly said...

Adorable! I love the stencil!

Kimberly said...

Man Sascha I always love your style! That stripe is so awesome - I want one for me, my son and my husband. And I'm deeply impressed with the stenciling. Definitely a technique I'd like to give a try.

Sam Adams said...

I have a question. I can't find a good method for getting my stencil onto freezer paper. What I've tried is to print my silhouette, iron my paper and freezer paper together, trace or cut my design, and pull apart the freezer paper and printer paper. Thats where things went bad, I didn't consider that freezer paper wouldn't pull apart like it does on fabric, I ended of tearing some of the paper and it didn't iron onto the fabric very well. So i've resorted to really simple designs that I can trace by putting the freezer paper over the print out. What the heck am I missing?! I've got to be making this way harder then it needs to be right? Help me help my son be more of a stud.

Sascha said...

This is the email I sent to Sam Adams in case any one else was wondering the same thing

I wish I had a silhouette... but clearly not for this application! I bought freezer paper pre-cut to regular 8.5 x 11" so it can run through my home ink jet printer.


I bought a package a few years ago and it's been worth it. I was already buying some fabric dye so I was in it for shipping anyway. I decided to try it out. I have seen on some blogs that people use a paper cutter and make their own sheets from the freezer paper roll. That's certainly cheaper if it works out. I'm just lazy.

When I find an image (an those Koi where pretty detailed and colorful), I copy the image to my computer and just insert it into a word doc. That way I can size it real easily. When I go to print I choose fast draft black and white to use the least amount of ink.

On my last printer I could print mirror image very easily for text. On my current printer I absolutely cannot figure out how to do it. Frustrating. Anyhoo... when I print a font image like one of these


I highlight the font in the word doc and make it the lightest grey that I can see. This uses waaaay less ink from your printer.

Once I have my design printed out I just grab my Xacto and start cutting. Next I iron the fabric a bit to get it warm and lay the freezer paper on the fabric and iron it in place. If there are "island" cutouts I add those last. An example is the scales on the koi are "islands" that are not connected to the main design.

When the fabric is cool I paint with a piece of scrap paper under the fabric in case it bleeds through. I do light layers so the paint wont seep under the paper. I've been pretty lucky so far that the image comes out really crisp.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you try cutting freezer paper to size and running through your printer. Would love to know if it works out. Oh and on my printer the way the paper feeds I have to load the shiny side up.


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