Back To School

Rocco and Luca start back to school next week... and then... can it be true? Yes, finally Vinny starts preschool (oh when I type it out I get excited). He's a handful and to finally have a moment of peace and quiet will be wonderful. I can finally pee without an audience.

I've been waiting three years to make a Toddler Backpack for Vinny's first day of school! He asked for a cookie monster backpack so he's not exactly thrilled with this one. It's hard to tell from the photo but I found a cookie monster zipper pull on Ebay to make up for it. 

Rocco and Luca are using the same backpack as last year. Luca loves hers so much she tells us that she's taking it with her to college. She has no less than twelve "danglies" hanging from the back. 

The lunchbox on the chair was Rocco's from preschool. It's an old metal lunchbox with the  Metallica Master of Puppets album artwork. I married an old school metal fan what can I say? I'm sure the teachers at school will have some comments on that one. 

I made the bigger version of the backpack. I used a chunky jacket zipper which turned out pretty cute. The piping kicked my butt. I also sandwiched interfacing in between the outer fabric and the "lining" to give it more body. I did not line this backpack like her instructions because I didn't think I could actually swing it. This way I had to use bias tape on all the seams which was a pain but gives a nice finished look. I forgot to take a picture of that. Oh well. 

Not exactly sure what fabric the lining is. I'm pretty sure I bought it intending some shorts for Vinny. See near my thumb the piping that has black thread? I need to use the seam ripper one of these days to remove the stitch lines. For now I'm over it.

I do love the backpack and highly recommend the pattern. Rae's instructions are great and easy to follow.


Jenny said...

Great backpack and LOVE the lunchbox.

Max of Max California ★ said...

When I made that backpack the piping kicked my ass too :<

I want to use piping more, it looks great, but I'm not so great at it!

Carolyn said...

He will definitely be the coolest little kid at preschool with that backpack. It came out fantastic...I'm especially in love with the chunky zipper that you added! (and your lining...mine looks all crazy in the inside)
Enjoy peeing in peace....you've waited 3 years for this moment!

bybido said...

the backpack looks awesome! love the fabrics you chose.

love the lunchbox, too.i saw them play at bridge school many many years ago.

small + friendly said...

I love the backpack, and the cookie monster zipper pull really says mommy loves you. I have preschool envy, I'm about to bump off a bank to afford sending Jude. Mama could really use a little break. I love the new pictures of the kids in the sidebar!

kristin said...

i made a rae backpack in that exact fabric! awesome! love yours with the blue piping and heavy duty zipper. OMG on the metallica lunchbock - FANTASTIC. my daughter picked hers out today...Dora. Blegh.

Inder-ific said...

I am so insanely behind in my blog reading (being home with a 3 year old instead of at my peaceful office does this!) that I can actually truthfully say that I did not MEAN to copy you with my toddler backpack. Echino fabrics just happen to lend themselves to little boy's backpacks, right? Right.

I love your version! Joe starts on Tuesday and I am simultaneously terrified and excited for him. Eek! I wish I could say I'll pee in peace, but no, I just had a baby, so I'll have to back to work for that. :/

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