This seat has been empty for a while

I'm sorry I've left the bench empty. I'll be back soon. I've been sewing a lot, just not exciting stuff to post about. I've had some a lot of orders for the Pea Pod Baby Carrier (yay me).  And since I kinda like the money they bring in I've been working hard to complete my orders and get them sent out. Of course you can always visit the above link to make your very own baby carrier. They make great gifts and a little secret... they are really easy to sew. 

The picture above is actually taken from my master bathroom window. It's a teeny tiny Adirondack bench that is made for children. I also have a matching chair and footstool. I found the set years ago at my local Ace hardware store. They are just so lovely. I tried to take Christmas pictures of the kids this year in this setting but the older kids are so big that the bench looked funny, almost doll-like. It's such a small scale that it's meant for 4 and under. I still love this set and I imagine it will sit in my garden until I'm old and doll-like.

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