Raglan Tee

I'm really trying to get some serious sewing done in the next month or so. Cenzo had a growth spurt and nothing fits him anymore and I am so close to just caving in and heading over to Gap to get him some new duds. 

Don't get me wrong. He does not wear exclusive home made. I actually buy more than half of what he wears. Oh, and I did get a huge amount of hand-me-downs when he was first born. It's just when I go to buy him things I am drawn to the simple garments and I inevitably put it back on the rack mumuring to myself like a crazy lady about how can they charge that much for something I can sew in like 30 minutes.You know the deal. I leave the store with more ideas for outfits than I have time.

{I'm pretty sure that is why I have no problem spending obscene amounts of money on shoes that he will outgrow in three weeks. I can't make shoes. At least not the rubber soled leather variety}

Of course it's also Celebrate The Boy month which really gets me motivated to make new. Just wish I had more time. We are headed to San Francisco this weekend and I wanted to make some cute clothes for the littlest. I did make this top.

The matching pants are waiting to be cut. We leave in less than four hours and I'm not packed. Wonder if I have time to swing by Gap on my way out of town. 

Orange 2 X 2 cotton rib knit JoAnn's


KID, MD said...

So cute!! I have that same problem when shopping for the kids. I know I could make it better for less. But do I have time?? (and still get to sew for meeeee - selfish me!)

Emily said...

Adorable! Did you draft that pattern? I have a scientific seamtress raglan pattern I've never tried. Seems like the raglans should be way easier to sew when connecting the sleeves.

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...

I agree completely. My little guy is getting dangerously close to growing out of his gifted clothes and I really hope I'll have time to whip up a bunch of clothes here soon. The girls can probably squeak by for a while in their odds and ends.

Love that shirt, by the way.

Kimberly said...

Darling combo! I might have to snag some of that giraffe fabric as well. Felix is currently obsessed!

Louisa said...

I love the fabric choices you made. What a fantastic shirt!

Twins Squared said...

This came out great! Nice job mama!
Emily, I have that same scientific seamtress raglan pattern and I'm going to give it a try this week. It actually looks fairly easy. We'll see.

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