Understatement of the Year!

 To say I am the most proud momma right now is truly the understatement of the year.

Rocco placed first in his age group at the Braille Challenge in San Francisco this weekend. I am so freakin' proud of him right now.

I know I don't write much about being the mom of a blind child and I really keep meaning to sit down and write some meaningful blog post so you all have a better understanding. I mean, I'm sure if you are anything like me, you are just itching to know some of the details but are too scared to ask me about it. Especially since this blog has somehow become more of a sewing blog than a lifestyle blog. 

How awkward is that? "Um, I really like how you finished the seam of those pants. And by the way... how the heck do you parent a blind kid?"

I will sit down soon and write some stuff. I promise. It's actually quite a story. Until then I leave you with a photo of this little homeless child I picked up in downtown San Francisco. Although quite filthy, he is totally adorable.

I really recommend a visit to "The City" (as it is called to people who live within 100 miles of SF). It's cultural, beautiful, exciting and there are cute things like the above pictured hanging around the streets.


Camille said...

Wonderful! Congratulations Rocco! :)

Kim U said...

Congratulations to Rocco! Way to go!

Cathy said...

Well done Rocco! Please do write more about him - I for one love hearing about what he's up to.

icicle said...

My husband is a TVI and teaches Braille so we have an inkling of the hard work needed for this kind of accomplishment -- congratulations to your son -- that's fantastic!

seemownay said...

Congratulations! This is fabulous. What a proud mama you must be.

Kimberly said...

Way to go Rocco! How AWESOME! I'm very much looking forward to your upcoming post. And oh I'm jealous you got to go to SF. I lived there for several years and I miss it so!

Cricket said...

Well first... Well Done Rocco!! I love his trophy.

Second, I would love to hear more about how it is to be a parent of a kid who is blind. I'm a parent to a kid who is autistic, and though those have nothing in common, I somehow always feel more of a bond with parents who have had atypical experiences with their kids.

And thirdly - I was all "Did she really go around snapping pictures of some poor homeless kid? and how the heck did she know he was homeless anyway?" and then I scrolled down and thought "well he's not that dirty what the heck is she talking about" and then I finally tore my eyes away from that pudgy little belly to look at the little face and Burst Out Laughing. Which is not easy to make me do.

You're awesome. I wish you lived next door to me.

Sascha said...

icicle, how flippin' cool is that? Your husband has a tough job. I can't imagine doing the work that Rocco's VI teacher has to do.

Cricket, ;) we would get into some trouble if we lived next door to each other!

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